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The Author

Hello.  Thank you for visiting the web site and for your interest in Life in the Meadow with Madie. I started this project in 2009 when I sat down and began to write by hand in a paper notebook. I do not recall what moved me to do so. However, I do know that the inspiration for Madie was my great niece Madison.  At that time, she was only one year of age.  She had big blue eyes and a head full of yellow curls.  I’m not certain why I made her a duck, but this is why Madie has curly yellow feathers and big blue eyes.

Like many of us self-doubters, I did not think that my story would ever amount to anything. I thought Who am I to write a book? I’m no author! I would set it down for six months at a time before picking it up again. Some members of my extended family laughed at me when I showed it to them; but my son and daughter encouraged me to continue writing. They said I had a good story and ought not to give up on it. “At least finish it, Mom,” they said. “See it through to completion regardless of whether or not it will be successful. Do it for you.” I’m glad I did. We often do not realize just how much work it takes to finish a project. It is worthwhile and rewarding to go through this process and to see your thoughts become a reality. “Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established” (Proverbs 16:3).

So, I kept writing. My three great nieces–Madison, Eliza and Delaney–and great nephew Dalton are all characters in the story. A number of the children’s sayings inconspicuously appear in the story as well. Several of the story’s other characters are also based upon family members, even my daughter’s dog Carli. I won’t tell you who Scooter is.

During the five years that I have worked on the book, the primary story has not changed all that much; but, overtime, I incorporated more spiritual elements as my children and I continued to study the Bible together. I sincerely and respectfully encourage you and your family to do the same, if you are not already. The story is much stronger now and offers parents many teaching opportunities as it fosters discussion around numerous spiritual truths and lessons.

So, this is the finished project. I hope you and your children enjoy it.

The Illustrator

Bridget is a versatile illustrator producing work which combines traditional and digital drawing techniques. Based in England she has many years’ experience of illustrating children’s and educational books for international clients, as well as editorial and promotional illustration. Her broad interests, love of research and sense of story have also instilled in her a passion for production design and she has worked as a production designer on award-winning short films which have played at festivals across the world.

Bridget also spends time working on graphics, website and social media for Brain Tumour Support, a cause very close to her heart. They are a UK charity providing specialist support for patients, families and carers facing the often life-changing impact of a brain tumour diagnosis.

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