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The book is usually priced at $15.99 but we're extending our reading-program sale of $12.50 (plus shipping and sales tax when applicable). Patty would love to give the books away if she could afford to do so because she loves children and wants them to have stories containing good old-fashioned wholesome quality content. We're not going to criticize others here and will simply state the view held by many of us in the minority today and in times past, which is: When the whole world heads down one path, it's usually quite wise not to follow but, instead, look for and stay on the old path heading the right way. God hasn't changed and neither have the needs of the fresh innocent minds of the young children He has given us and holds us responsible for raising up in His way and to know Him. It's our prayer that they come to know Him and recieve Him as Savior.

Life in the Meadow



Mr. Earl’s Missing Eyeglasses


Patty Luhovey

Illustrated by Bridget Dowty

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